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What is the best paint to use for interior walls?

A premium Paint Master acrylic paint such as Low Sheen, Sheen and Ultra Matt for the following reasons: It is stain-resistant and long-lasting It is durable, smooth and has great coverage Water based low-odor formula that dries to a beautiful finish

What are the different types of Sheen levels?

Sheen refers to the shininess of the paint, ranging from no sheen to a high gloss finish. Paint Master offers products for all sheen types, such as: Super M: Slight to no sheen finish – Water based (Suitable for Interior and Exterior uses) Low Sheen: Slight sheen finish – Water

I am repainting my previously painted wall, why would the paint not cover after one or two coats?

The following could be the reason: Incorrect roller used for the specific surface. When purchasing a paint brush or roller, read the directions on the label as this will direct you as to which area should be painted with that specific roller.  Certain rollers such as foam rollers roll a

Do I need to apply a primer?

Interior Walls No, primers are not necessarily required when repainting.  Follow the following directions: Should the wall you need to repaint not require replastering, just follow the cleaning instructions , no Primers needed. If a previously painted wall needs to be replastered, then a Paint Master Water Based Plaster Primer

How do I clean and prepare a newly plastered interior wall for painting?

Make sure that there are no cracks or imperfections on the wall. If there are, apply an all purpose crack filler to fill up all hairline cracks and imperfections, and sand down to create a smooth surface.  Now apply 1 coat of Paint master Water Based Plaster Primer and allow

How do I clean or prepare my Interior walls before painting?

Firstly you need to clean the wall you want to paint. Use a cloth or duster to remove any dust or dirt that may be on the surface, as the dust will mix with your paint and create an uneven surface.  Thereafter, check whether these walls have mould. Mould needs

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